[Spread-users] wildcards in groups

Theo Schlossnagle jesus at omniti.com
Mon Apr 25 13:55:21 EDT 2005

Jason Benderly wrote:

> I'm interested in using Spread in a large commercial application.  The 
> only thing lacking in Spread is the use of wildcards in the groups.  
> For example,  I would like to subscribe on:
> x.y.>
> and get the following messages:
> x.y.z ,  x.y.stock_quote, x.y.anything_else.something_else
> or subscribe on:
> x.*.z
> and get the following:
> x.anything.here.z, ...
> We are currently using ttrees to do something similar in another part 
> of our application.
> Does anyone have any comments regarding replacing/enhancing the 
> skiplists and groups with something that would allow wildcarding?

Prefix matches in the skiplists are simple -- the data structure is 
well-suited for it.

However, Spread has open group semantics.  So, a group exists if someone 
joins it.  There is no "directory service" of groups.  I'd suggest 
managing the directory of groups as a part of your app and then have 
your app check the directory and perform the joins on all the networks 
that match in the fashion you desire.  Combining open group semantics 
and wildcard joining would be.... obstuse.

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