[Spread-users] Illegal session was supplied

Hans-Juergen Schoenig familiar at cybertec.at
Fri Apr 22 17:31:47 EDT 2005

i am quite new to spread and i am toying around with some simple code:

const char      *cluster_name = "postgres_cluster";
static          mailbox                 mbox;

/* connect to the replication manager:
 * receive_message: defines whether we want to receive
 * group messages or not */
replication_connect(int receive_message)
        int     ret;

        // ret = SP_connect("4803 at localhost", NULL, 0, 0, &mbox, NULL);
        ret = SP_connect("4803 at localhost", "hans", 0, 1, &mbox, NULL);
        if      (ret == ACCEPT_SESSION)
                elog(NOTICE, "cannot connect to group communication");

        ret = SP_join(mbox, "postgres_cluster");
        if      (ret != 0)
                elog(NOTICE, "cannot join group");

        return 0;

the problem is that I keep getting errors ...

NOTICE:  connecting to replication manager (backend)
NOTICE:  cannot join group
SP_error: (-11)  

i have not idea what i am doing wrong here.
i have gone through the manpages but my code seems to be correct.
the spread daemon is running.

what have i done wrong?
i haven't found something useful on google.

    many thanks and best regards,


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