[Spread-users] Spread and Wackamole

Ryan Caudy rcaudy at gmail.com
Tue Sep 28 19:07:32 EDT 2004

Re-posting my response to the same e-mail (on the Wackamole-users list):

If I had to guess what was going wrong for you, I would bet that you
have different configuration files on the two machines (spread
configuration files, that is).  When a running Spread daemon prints
it's current configuration, the list should be a subset of what's
written in the conf file, in the same order.  This is not the case in
your sample output.  Please check that the spread.conf files you are
using are identical across machines.


On Tue, 28 Sep 2004 19:24:26 +0300, Yan Kurpnieks <dayan at lateko.lv> wrote:
> Greetings,
>    I'm trying to build a Linux cluster, using wackamole and mod backhand.
> Current topology looks like: two machines with two interfaces connected to
> the outer network with one interface each, and with the second interface to
> the internal network, there is a bunch of simmilar machines in the internal
> network. I've installed the Backhand (and it seems to work), Spread and
> Wackamole. Actually I don't fully understand how to make the Wackamole and
> spread work.
> I've configured them both as shown in issues, when I run Spread, it shows
> the segment, etc.
> Conf_init: using file: /usr/local/spread/etc/spread.conf
> Successfully configured Segment 0 [] with 3 procs:
>                    test2.ltk:
>                     test.ltk:
>                    test3.ltk:
> Finished configuration file.
> Conf_init: My name: test.ltk, id:, port: 4803
> Membership id is ( -1062731774, 1096384359)
> --------------------
> Configuration at test.ltk is:
> Num Segments 1
>         2     4803
>                 test.ltk      
>                 test2.ltk     
> ====================
> ++++++++++++++++++++++
> Num of groups: 0
> But when I start wackamole, nothing changes, deamon don't show any groups or
> somenting. Is it OK? If not, what should be reconfigured?
> If i start wackamole on a machine and then restart spread on the other one
> it shows the wack1 group with 1 user (second machine). Why that?
> Crurently, that's all. Thank you.
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