[Spread-users] newbie (installing spread)

Joarez Bürger Schmitt lestat at inf.furb.br
Tue Sep 28 18:23:06 EDT 2004

Hi Craig,

Yes, please! If i can do it works well with Delphi this will
save me a good time! Would be wounderful stop with C++
and back to my familiar Delphi. The sample code will be
quite helpful either. Please send me as soon as you can.

Thanks a lot, Joarez.

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Hi Joarez,

  I have a spread.dll (multithreaded version) and sample code in
Delphi that I could send you, if you'd prefer to stick with what you


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Subject: [Spread-users] newbie (installing spread)
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Hello, my name's Joarez, I'm from Brazil and I'm trying to use Spread
in my bachelor
degree's project. I'm using Borland Builder 6.0 and had problems
trying to compile
a single test i made using spread. In the line with the command
SP_connect it says:

[Linker Error] Unresolved external '_SP_connect' referenced from

What I have done:

1) Copied the 2 .lib files into the folder libs of Borland.
2) Copied the 2 .h files into the folder includes.
3) Copied the 2 .lib and .h files into my project's folder.
4) Inserted the line "#includes <sp.h>" in the source of my project.
5) Created the access and config files of spread into my project folder.

How you can see, I'm not a expert in C++ (I used to program in Delphi).
Can someone help me? If someone has any single source where I can
see how to use Spread, surelly will be very useful!

Thanks a lot!
Joarez Bürger Schmitt

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