[Spread-users] 'Connection closed by spread' ...

Jim Vickroy Jim.Vickroy at noaa.gov
Fri Sep 3 14:12:54 EDT 2004

... is the error that is happening more frequently than desirable -- about
once every 1000 publishing attempts.

Could someone suggest a way to reduce this error rate (at least by a factor
of 10)?

The platform:
	Spread: v 3.17.01 (20 June 2003)
	Spread Host: RedHat Workstation, Kernel: 2.4.21-4.EL
	Client Host: Microsoft Windows 2000 Server
	Client Software: Python v 2.3.3

The use case:
	Messages are published in bursts at 1-minute intervals.
	Each burst of messages comprises 5-10 messages; each message is generated
by a distinct process.
	Each message is about 100 bytes.
	Publication service type is set to spread.SAFE_MESS.


-- jv

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