[Spread-users] Small Help Needed

George Schlossnagle george at omniti.com
Thu Nov 25 19:45:37 EST 2004

On Nov 24, 2004, at 11:23 PM, Ryan Caudy wrote:

> I don't know the specific Spread library that your using... is it a
> wrapper around the C version, or a port?  Regardless, the maximum
> length of the private name associated with a Spread connection/mailbox
> is 10, without changing definitions in the daemon source code.

It might be nice to increase this.  The usual technique for assigning 
private names in pre-fork apps (like Apache) is to use something akin 
to sprintf "%s%d", prefix, pid.   As PIDs get longer (for example on 64 
bit platforms), the choice of prefixes gets smaller and smaller, thus 
risking collision.


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