[Spread-users] TimeLag in Recognising Groups

Abhishek Sipani abhisheks at bsil.com
Thu Nov 25 10:04:08 EST 2004

Hi all,
It seems am just running into problems daily with spread.As soon as i almost
finish fixing one a new one springs up.
Here is the new problem :
I have a config file which reads like
Spread_Segment {

i also have an mfc client for communication . Now am trying to run one
client on Shabu( and the same on another machine
Abhishek( Both have private_group names similar to the
machine names
i.e. #Shabu#Shabu and #Abhishek#Abhishek..Now my problem is it takes an
enormously long time for the spread daemon to recognise these groups and no
communication happens between these clients until it does that. Once done,
there are no issues with commuincation.
After this there are no apparent problems:
Membership id is ( -1062728907, 1101394405)
Configuration at Abhishek is:
Num Segments 1
        1         4803
Membership id is ( -1062728920, 1101394677)
Configuration at Abhishek is:
Num Segments 1
        2         4803
Num of groups: 1
[1] group FirstGroupName with 2 members:
        [1] #Abhishek#Abhishek
        [2] #Shabu#Shabu
Moreover if some other client joins in the process,it is joined in quickly
and the communication happens smoothly again.Am using SAFE_MESS.Would like
to add also here that if there are clients being added to the group(which is
same in all cases)and trying to connect to the spread daemon on the same
machine, there are no time lags.Please advise.
Abhishek Sipani,
Blue Star Infotech.
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I don't know the specific Spread library that your using... is it a
wrapper around the C version, or a port?  Regardless, the maximum
length of the private name associated with a Spread connection/mailbox
is 10, without changing definitions in the daemon source code.


On Wed, 24 Nov 2004 19:23:23 +0530, Abhishek Sipani <abhisheks at bsil.com>
> Hi,
> I have been using spread for some research purpose. Would like to know if
> there is an upper limit on the UserName character length i provide..
> i.e.
> I do
>         sprintf(Spread_name,"4803 at");
>         int ret_val_connect;
>         m_User.GetWindowText(User,80);
>         ret_val_connect=sp.Connect(Spread_name,User);
>         if(ret_val_connect<0)
>                 AfxMessageBox("Unable to Connect");
>         else
>                 AfxMessageBox("Connected");
> this works fine..but if i provide a length more than 10 characters say
> "ABCDEFGHIJKLM" as user name the call
>         ret_val_connect= SP_connect(in_SpreadName, in_ConnectionName, 0,
> &m_Mbox, m_PrivateGroup );
> returns m_PrivateGroup as "#ABCDEFGHIJ#SpreadMachineName"
> How do i prevent this from getting truncated?Have tried going through the
> enormous archives of discussions but of no avail. Please advice as i am
> dealing with data that have names far greater than 10 characters. Am
> relatively new to spread so some help here will be of immense help.
> Abhishek Sipani,
> Blue Star Infotech.
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