[Spread-users] Message reception time

Alberto Martinez albertinho_2000 at yahoo.es
Fri Nov 12 10:05:47 EST 2004

   Sorry for the few information I've given! I'll try
to explain my situation. 

   I run several instances of spread daemon in each
machine where I want to launch either one of the
servers or the client. Therefore I use the default
spread configuration file changing the spread segment:

Spread_Segment {

I use a multicast IP because I want message to be sent
over IP Multicast or UDP not TCP. Here I'm not sure if
it's well configured :S

   Each of the machines are Athlon MP (2 processors)
with 512 RAM...I mean they are quite powerfull
machines so I don't think the problem is there.

    Finally, I launch a server which waits for
incoming messages. Then I launch the client which
multicasts a message and wait for it's confirmation.
When the servers receives the message, the main server
(first of them) multicasts a confirmation server which
it is caught only by the client (the other servers
discard it). The time measured is from the message
multicast by the client until the client receives the
confirmation message. all the messages are send using
AGREED because I need total order and reliable. The
problem is that the time measured is too high (90 ms)
and I need quite lower times for message transactions.

    I expect I've given useful information for the
problem I'm having!!! And I expect someone can help

    Ryan, I updated spread to the new version and I'm
not having any more the problems I told you about!
Great work!


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