[Spread-users] Spread performance

Pau Artigas partigas at ac.upc.es
Tue May 25 14:07:35 EDT 2004


	i'm new here, i have a question that i have not been able to find
searching the list archives, sorry if it was previously solved.

	I have done a simple application that reads some orders from a file to
send messages to groups accordingly. My configuration is with 4 daemons
(in different countries), and 6 clients (2 daemons with 2 clients and
the other 2 with just 1 client), where the clients are in the same host
as the daemons (it's just for testing "WAN" performance). My spread.conf
looks like:

Spread_Segment X1.Y1.Z1.V1:4803 {
        NAME1      X1.Y1.Z1.V1

Spread_Segment X2.Y2.Z2.V2:4803 {
        NAME2      X2.Y2.Z2.V2

... with other 2 segments/daemons looking the same.

My experiment for now it's quite simple, i have 3 groups:
	A - one for coordination where all clients join
	B - one where just 2 clients on different daemons
	C - one with 3 clients, 2 receivers on the same daemon and the sender
on another daemon

	and then some messages are sent to groups B and C. I use the java API
and the Multicast(msg) method of the connection object with reliable and
unrealiable messages (tested both and got same results). And i use the
spread version 3.17.2.

	I have measured the traffic on the nodes and i have found is that
spread generates more traffic than needed, much more. 
	A daemon with no clients on groups B and C gets all messages (at least
the same amount of bandwidth) and the daemon with the sender (the same
for both groups B and C) sends the messages to all the daemons (not him,
its daemon i guess, and again it's just a guess based on the bandwidth
used), and the other nodes have some weird bandwidth usage too. The
messages are received just by the clients that have joined the group, so
this part is ok.

	Is this the expected performance/behaviour?
	Is the spread.conf ok?
	Does spread need a warmup to create optimum distribution routes?
	I'm doing something wrong?

	Thanks in advance and sorry if explanation is not enough clear.


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