[Spread-users] Novice question about Distributed Queues

Ranjan Bagchi ranjan at frotz.com
Mon Mar 29 12:17:07 EST 2004

Hi --

I've come across Spread and am very impressed with what it offers.  I've
spent a lot of time doing pub/sub development (specifically using Tib/RV).

One architecture I was able to do in Tib uses what Tib calls Distributed
Queues:  where instances of a service were started on different machines,
and became members of a "distributed queue" group.  A message sent to this
group would be sent to only one member of this group.  Doing this allowed
easy scalability, since you could get more capacity by just starting more
instances of the service.

Is this something which can be done in Spread?  Is there a workaround to
get this kind of scalability?


Ranjan Bagchi

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