[Spread-users] Spread_Segment question

Tim Peters tim at zope.com
Fri Mar 5 14:41:25 EST 2004

[Jeffrey ALDERMAN]
> I am running Spread 3.17.1 on 3 Mandrake 9.2 Linux boxes (all on the
> same network) for use by Zope Replication Services 1.3.   I need to
> run at least the 9 hosts below (three on each physical machine) and
> preferably many more.

Hi, Jeffrey.  Jeremy's out of town, so if you sent email to him about this,
he hasn't seen it yet.

You only want one Spread daemon on each physical machine.  You can run as
many ZRS instances as you want on top of that, by giving them each their own
zrs.conf file.  The <spread> section inside each zrs.conf should specify a
unique label per ZRS storage, and the spread-name part should name the local
Spread daemon.  The latter should be identical across all zrs.conf files on
a single physical machine:

    # All zrs.conf files on this machine should have a different label;
    # this label will get reused *across* machines.
    label storagename

    # This is the default; replace with this machine's Spread address.
    # All zrs.conf files on a single machine should say the same thing
    # here.
    spread-name 4803 at localhost

The label is used to form a unique (per ZRS storage) Spread "group name".
Spread won't get confused -- all the different ZRS storages just appear to
be different groups to Spread, and a given ZRS storage only sends traffic to
groups with the same label.

> ...
> I also tried splitting the hosts up into 3 separate Spread_Segment
> entries ...

If you have 3 participating physical machines in a LAN, you want one Spread
segment containing three hostnames, and that's all.

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