[Spread-users] Will Spread work for me - large numbers of remote locations connected via satellite internet

Trever Miller trever at cyberdex.ca
Thu Mar 4 12:33:40 EST 2004

Van Gale wrote:

>I've never used it, so I can't vouch for anything about it, but you might
>want to check out Airhook (http://airhook.org).
>My first thought when I saw it a year or 2 ago was, "this might be neat
>to hook into spread."

Yeah, I've seen and (slightly) experimented with Airhook.   We also have 
nodes on the end of cdpd modems (which airhook was designed for) and are 
working on 1X cellular modem connectivty as I speak.

I saw the message queue properties of Spread and was smitten by it.  
With Airhook I'd have to cobble together stuff from scratch (similar to 
what I did with paranoid-out-the-wazoo shell script machinations that 
used scp for transfer).

Ahh well, I guess I can try to run xmlblaster over Airhook or somesuch...

trever at cyberdex.ca
Cyberdex Systems Consulting Corp.

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