[Spread-users] Will Spread work for me - large numbers of remote locations connected via satellite internet

Trever Miller trever at cyberdex.ca
Thu Mar 4 11:08:35 EST 2004

Yair Amir wrote:

>Hi Terver,
>Your environment is very interesting. I have started to look at
>such environments myself (actually, a bit more complicated then
>what you describe).
... but close enough that my environment might be a workable subset of 
what you were looking at?

>Unfortunately, Spread will not meet your need.

Bummer.   It looked so good.  I'll probably end up using Spread on the 
data center side for central logging and such, but the number of systems 
there is going to be small, all on 100Mbit or better lan.  I really 
needed something for the WAN side.

>In my opinion, your intuition is correct and the best solution will
>be, in concept, something like a modified hop protocol between your
>clients and the server. The problem is challenging because of the
>very high latency, a probable relatively-high loss rate, and the
>high number of clients.
>I am sure it can be done with a custom protocol.
I'm a glue-it-together operations oriented guy, not one who is likely to 
come up with a new protocol or even mess around with modifying an 
existing one.  My preference is to use internet standard 
protocols/tools, defacto standards, other open source tools, then 
proprietary ... in that order.  (Yes, even though I work for a company 
that builds proprietary software -- it would be nowhere without internet 
protocols since the service ultimately results in data being presented 
via http....)

Any chance one of your grad students might be interested in the data 
transport space of my application?  Not likely that I can provide 
funding, but very possible I could provide access to a few test nodes on 
the other end of satellite links...


P.S.  No, the company involved is not cyberdex -- that's my one man 
consulting company.  I think my employer wouldn't want their name 
google-able in conjunction with this line of inquiry.

trever at cyberdex.ca
Cyberdex Systems Consulting Corp.

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