[Spread-users] Newbie question: view changes!!

Gus comadreja at mundofree.com
Fri Jun 4 04:44:46 EDT 2004

Hello everybody. I´m a new spread user, and i have this question: how do i manage view changes? I will use an example:
imagine i have 5 databases (A,B,C,D,E), and after connecting to the spread mailbox the view is like this: B,E,C,A,D, ok?
So, first question:
   - How do i get the list of the members of the view? I mean, how do i get the list with the B,E,C,A,D?

And now the second part. Only one of the databases is able to do the updates, the first one of the list. In this case it would be "B", so if "E" wanted to do an update, it would get the list of members, check who´s the first one and send it to "B", right? So is there any way i can use spread to select who´s the primary database? For example, if one of the databases crashes there would be a view change and that database would disappear from the list, and if it were the primary one who crashed another one should be chosen as the primary.
Thank you so much!
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