[Spread-users] Solaris cc compiler support

Gayathri Dongre g_subrama at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 28 17:16:38 EST 2004


I noticed that the Spread distribution as of version
3.16.1 claims to have the Makefile support to be
compiled with Solaris cc compiler for Solaris 8. 

I'm however having trouble compiling 3.16.1 on a
Solaris 8 box using the Sun Workshop compiler. Even
after getting around the problem of *.to, *.lo etc
being unacceptable extensions for this compiler, i'm
encountering problems in generating the shared
library. It generates the static library fine though.

I'd appreciate any ideas about whether i should expect
this compiler to work. I'm also curious about what
exactly libtspread is?


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