[Spread-users] Increasing the size of the group name

James J. Wagner James.Wagner at mci.com
Fri Jan 23 15:26:04 EST 2004

Running on Solaris.

I need to increase the size of the group name. I have done so by increasing
MAX_PRIVATE_NAME from 10 to 30. This *seems* to work (has worked so far in
limited testing). A few comments though:

 1) Increasing it to 32 causes a bus error

 2) Increasing it to 30 works - so there is some set of magic numbers that seem
to work

 3) I noticed this constant is defined in both sp.h and spread_params.h - why is
this defined in two places?

 4) While modifying these two files I noticed that sp.h defines MAX_GROUP_NAME
to be 32, whereas spread_params.h defines it to be a formula. I updated sp.h so
that it also uses a formula, thus adjusting the value as I increase

A couple of questions:

1) Are there any known issues associated with increasing the size of the group

2) Is there a way to know what will work (30 vs 32, etc.) or if I need to make
it larger do I need to just use a trial and error approach?

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