[Spread-users] "Machine names" in spread.conf

Ryan Caudy caudy at jhu.edu
Thu Jan 22 19:24:10 EST 2004

No.  Only the IP address matters, and that can be worked around with "-n".


Tim Peters wrote:

> When configuring a Spread segment, and identifying a machine by both a name
> and an IP address:
> Spread_Segment {
>       x.y.z
> }
> is "the name" required to have any meaning apart from its use in
> spread.conf?  For example, is it required that gethostbyname("x.y.z") know
> about "x.y.z"?
> I haven't seen evidence that it's anything other than an arbitrary string of
> characters for Spread's internal use, but can't find any words to that
> effect.
> I ask because our users naturally tend to put names here like
>     ridiculously.long.path.theircompany.com
> and then we get into various kinds of trouble; e.g., see
> http://lists.spread.org/pipermail/spread-users/2003-October/001645.html
> In that specific case, "storage1" resolved to the same box outside of Spread
> too (gethostbyname("storage1") knew about it), so that we got away with
> using storage1 as the name there didn't really resolve the question being
> asked right now.
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