[Spread-users] newbie question about loading X Pixmaps into QPixmaps

Greg Shebert gshebert at efs-us.com
Wed Jan 7 12:29:52 EST 2004

hi folks...

how can i load the following x pixmap buffer into a QPixmap?

static char *red_led[] = {
"10 10 7 1",
". c None",
"e c #000000",
<omitted for clarity>

i'm trying to use QPixmap::loadFromData but this is returning failure...

i've also tried storing this in a file and using QPixmap::load() but
this fails as well...

i could not find an example in the code distributed with Qt either...

can someone give me a pointer?

i'd rather not load the data from a file at runtime and that is why i
prefer the xpm format which can be #included during compilation

thanks much

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