[Spread-users] possible memory leak in spread daemon

Theo Schlossnagle jesus at omniti.com
Sat Feb 21 21:13:19 EST 2004

On Feb 21, 2004, at 8:34 PM, Taj Khattra wrote:
> (1) there is no call to sl_remove_all() when MembersList is empty in
>     G_handle_leave()

that should be looked into.  sounds suspicious.

> (2) sl_remove_all() doesn't free the memory allocated for sl->index
>     in sl_init()
> i'm not sure if this is the correct fix or not, but i added the line
> 	if (sl->index != NULL) free(sl->index)
> to sl_remove_all() and added a call to sl_remove_all() in 
> G_handle_leave()
> in the "if (grp->num_members == 0)" block and the leak went away.

That isn't a good approach.  In my private copy of the skiplist 
implementation, there is another call added. to actually free the 
skiplist internals too.

sl_remove_all() was designed to remove all the elements.  If you also 
remove the index, you alter the "properties" of the skiplist if you 
were to then add elements to it.

In my API here I have an sl_destruct(Skiplist *sl) that performs that 
same tasks as sl_remove_all, but also frees other internals.  I'll see 
about applying it to the current Spread tree and sending in a patch.

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