[Spread-users] self-leave and trans

Taj Khattra taj.khattra at pobox.com
Fri Feb 20 05:42:19 EST 2004


I have a few questions on self-leave and trans messages.
I'm using the latest spread-src-3.17.2rc2 on a single daemon
localhost setup.

The man page for SP_receive() (and the User Guide) mention
that a self-leave message includes the private group name
of the leaving connection.  However, SP_receive() always
seems to return a message size of 0 for such messages.
Does this mean that a self-leave message contains only the
group name (in the sender field) just like a transitional
membership change message ?  

The User Guide also mentions that a self-leave message
'contains the group_id of the new membership', but which new
membership would that be - the connection is no longer part
of the group ?

Also, how can I trigger transitional membership change messages ?
I don't ever seem to get them in my simple setup - pointers to
docs or papers would be welcome.



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