[Spread-users] Queue functionality in Spread

Anurag Gupta agupta at yahoo-inc.com
Tue Feb 10 20:18:07 EST 2004


We have a hybrid requirement:
3 Publishers (P1, P2, P3)
15 Subscribers that can be divided into 5 groups (say g1-g5). Each group of
subscriber has 3 machines each.

We want any published message to be delivered to 1 machine in each group.
Basically, pub-sub + queue. Has somebody got this configuration running? We
want to avoid single point of failure even if it costs us something in

I was thinking of getting all the machines in group g1 to vote on any
message that they get. Whoever wins gets to process the message.

Spread Perl has something on the line of pure Queues - but it looked to me
that they have a QueueManager which may be a single point of failure
(correct me if I am wrong there).


Anurag Gupta
agupta at yahoo-inc.com

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