[Spread-users] Segments v/s Connection pooling

Anurag Gupta agupta at yahoo-inc.com
Mon Feb 9 22:41:00 EST 2004


We want to create an apache API (on the lines of mod_log_spread) for some
communication from webservers to a metering system. Do people have
experience with large installations?

We have ~75 machines in the cluster. Looking at the current code of
mod_log_spread, a connection is opened for each yapache being spawned. We
have upto 200 child processes running at a given time. So, we need to have
upto 15K connections open to the spread daemon(s).

1) Is having a daemon at each server (in the same segment or different
segments) a better option than having 1 or few daemons?  How should 15K
clients be broken into different segments (1 daemon per segment). I remember
having read somewhere that more than 30 daemons in the same segment may lead
to problems (timeouts need to be increased etc.)

2) Another thought in my team was opening a bunch of connections in the
server_config stage and using some connection manager to use these
connections. Has anybody done this in past or, more importantly, decided
against this? Of course, if we decide to have multiple spread daemons, this
may not be required.

All suggestions are welcome.

Anurag Gupta
agupta at yahoo-inc.com

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