[Spread-users] durability supported?

Ryan Caudy caudy at jhu.edu
Wed Feb 4 14:22:47 EST 2004

Spread does not directly support any sort of durable subscription. 
However, there is a JMS implementation using Spread being developed by 
Ashima Munjal.  I think the current release 
(http://www.spread.org/JMS4Spread/) does not support durability, but you 
could direct questions about it to jms4spread at cnds.jhu.edu .


Anurag Gupta wrote:

> Hello all,
> Does spread support the concept of durable subscription (JMS terminology).
> If a client C joins a group J, receives a few messages, dies for a few
> minutes and then comes back up, can spread daemon deliver C the messages
> that were sent for the group while C was down?
> thanks
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> Anurag Gupta
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