[Spread-users] Re: distributed financial application model - Spread group list access?

Kim Scheibel kim_spread at scheibel.co.uk
Wed Dec 8 15:34:29 EST 2004

Firstly, thanks for involving the list in a meaty application question 
such as this. I personally wish there were more application level 
discussions going on on this list (in addition to the very useful and 
important spread system level discussions of course).

Sending "several hundred [messages] per second" over spread should not 
pose a problem at all in a local area setting. These messages could 
conceivably serve as either simple cache invalidation messages or 
actually allow the clients to update their caches from them, in which 
case you'd have a distributed database on your hands with all the 
complexity that entails.

Sending all the updates as Spread messages would also allow you to 
perform real time analysis of the activity in any way you want now and 
in the future by simply allowing one or more monitors to join the groups.

Good luck, looking forward to hearing which way you go.


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