[Spread-users] Message size limits

Jonathan Stanton jonathan at cnds.jhu.edu
Wed Dec 8 09:47:41 EST 2004


On Mon, Dec 06, 2004 at 08:40:21AM -0600, minfrin at sharp.fm wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have looked but I have not found anything specific - are there size
> limits on the messages that can be handled by spread?

Yes. Each Spread message can be no larger then 140000 bytes, however 
this also includes all of the group names that you send the message to, 
so if you send to a lot of groups, the maximum messages size will be a 
little less. If you keep them below 130kbytes you should be fine unless 
you send to a LOT of groups at once.

> Or is the size of each message limited by the buffer size the receiving
> side is prepared to allocate? (I understand the concept of the receiving
> side not getting any of the message unless the buffer it provided was big
> enough to contain the whole message).

This is also true, if you do not allocate a large enough buffer to 
SP_receive() then it will return an error and not deliver the message. 
You can then recall it with a large enought buffer. Documentation on 
this short message handling is in the man pages and users guide. 

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