[Spread-users] Large Objects

Richard Boehme boehme at eyemaginations.com
Mon Dec 6 16:17:56 EST 2004

Hi there. I was searching the list archives for a way to send a file 
when I bumped into a message from September 2001 that said:

Subject: [Spread-users] Large Objects and TCP vs. Spread (was Public CVS?)


Since Spread has a max message size(about 100 KB) suporting really large
objects requires some application level handling, which can make a tcp
stream sound appealing. (For Java we have a subclassed version of
SpreadConnection that supports arbitrarily large objects that is

Does anynone know where that subclassed version of SpreadConnection is? 
I can't seem to find it in the javadocs.

We have a computer on the network downloading a large update (let's say 
about 100 or 200 MB in total) that then needs to be multicast to all of 
the clients on the network, so this would help.

Thanks for the help.

Richard Boehme

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