[Spread-users] Memory leak? FD leak? Other?

John Schultz jschultz at spreadconcepts.com
Fri Aug 20 13:03:09 EDT 2004

David Shaw wrote:

> I believe I have triggered both.  No memory is released by the daemon,
> and some fds are left behind when using the sabuse program I sent.
> Currently, the sabuse program connects to spread and justs calls
> SP_multicast over and over again.  If you modify the program to
> SP_connect, send 500 messages, then SP_disconnect and then repeat the
> whole connect-send-disconnect cycle over and over, you get different
> behavior when killing sabuse: there are no fds left open in spread,
> but the memory is still not returned.
> David

Jonathan, doesn't Spread's memory subsystem keep memory it has allocated 
around?  Furthermore, even if it releases that memory don't most 
processes never release allocated memory pages back to the operating 
system until they finish?  So if any process has a large spike in memory 
usage, then their memory footprint as far as the OS is concerned never 

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