[Spread-users] Process models, connection rates and channel counts?

J C Lawrence claw at kanga.nu
Thu Aug 12 18:30:44 EDT 2004

How well does spread deal with:

  a) Forking processes?  In particular I'm looking at a server model
  which listens on a TCP port which connected to a spread message bus,
  and which fork()s on accept().

  b) High(er) connection rates?  I could have the front-end server
  connect to spread after the fork(), but that would mean a moderately
  high spread connection rate.  Problem?

  c) High (transient) channel/mbox counts?  One of the internal
  communications models I can use would have fairly rapid creation and
  abandonment of ad-hoc mboxes (each channel would negotiate and
  establish name and membership of the future channels).

My current assumption is that high connection rates are Very Bad, high
transient channel rates are Very Bad, and forking a process which is
connected to spread with the expectation that both parent and child, or
multiple children would then communicate via spread might be kinda Bad.

J C Lawrence
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