[Spread-users] more performance questions

Greg Shebert gshebert at efs-us.com
Thu Apr 29 10:02:33 EDT 2004

some details about my network:

combined platform of sun/solaris & intel/linux... all spread daemons run
on linux machines, 99% of client apps run on solaris machines...

yes, almost all client apps run on remote machines so there are
definitely several tcp connections to be serviced...

my spread config is as follows:

Spread_Segment {

Spread_Segment {

the two segments are separated by a WAN... frame-relay to be exact...

the segment comprising the network is pretty much unused but
there is a daemon running on adservice1

the segment comprising the network and the
network needs some explaining... these two subnets exist as VLANs on the
same physical LAN and are layer 3 switched at gigabit speeds...

let me know if there are more questions

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