[Spread-users] more performance questions

Piotr Kozieradzki piotoru at zodiac.mimuw.edu.pl
Thu Apr 29 09:48:08 EDT 2004

Hi everyone

Greg Shebert wrote:

>hi folks
>i have about 325 clients that connect to a single spread daemon... i'd
>say that about 75 to 80 percent of these clients are "send-only"
>clients... the rest are clients that "recv-only" and display information
>that the "send-only" clients are collecting and sending...
I understend that clients are on difrent machines? If YES spread-demon 
has about 325 TCP connections. On *nix platforms it means that it should 
make select() on 325 socket and make send/recv  messeges to such big 
number of clients. It's quite big number if you remember that kernel 
should make switch between user and kernell space. It could be a 
problem. Try to run more spread-demons on difrent machines.

>the send-only clients send one or more small messages (less than 128
>bytes) every three seconds... i'm using the RELIABLE delivery method...
>at times, i see considerable delays in the messages being delivered from
>"send-only" clients to "recv-only" clients... upwards of 15 to 20
>how can i tell if the spread daemon is being overwhelmed?
>it does not appear to be using any considerable amount of CPU...
>i've been considering adding additional spread daemons to help with
>loading if it is, indeed, the case that one daemon cannot cope with what
>i'm asking of it...
>would this be recommended?
As I wrote before more demons on difrent machines should help.
Could you write somethink about your network and system platform you use?


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