[Spread-users] more performance questions

Greg Shebert gshebert at efs-us.com
Thu Apr 29 08:56:47 EDT 2004

hi folks

all this talk about performance has gotten me thinking in new directions
regarding my own spread related performance problems...

i have about 325 clients that connect to a single spread daemon... i'd
say that about 75 to 80 percent of these clients are "send-only"
clients... the rest are clients that "recv-only" and display information
that the "send-only" clients are collecting and sending...

the send-only clients send one or more small messages (less than 128
bytes) every three seconds... i'm using the RELIABLE delivery method...

at times, i see considerable delays in the messages being delivered from
"send-only" clients to "recv-only" clients... upwards of 15 to 20

how can i tell if the spread daemon is being overwhelmed?

it does not appear to be using any considerable amount of CPU...

i've been considering adding additional spread daemons to help with
loading if it is, indeed, the case that one daemon cannot cope with what
i'm asking of it...

would this be recommended?


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