FW: Re: [Spread-users] Spread Performance

Ciprian Tutu ciprian at jhu.edu
Wed Apr 28 12:02:07 EDT 2004


WI> I configured 3 machines, over 100Mbit Ethnet, each PIIIs running Windows XP
WI> (yes, I know evil Microsoft). 2 machines I configured with Spread Daemons
WI> with apps I wrote implimenting the Spread API to receive messages. 1 machine
WI> served as a message sender and connected to one of the other machines Spread
WI> Daemons.

Honestly I would configure one daemon on each of your 3 machines and have
each client application (including the sender) connect to their local
daemon. This way you really let spread handle _all_ the traffic of the

Add your 3rd daemon to the config file on each machine and give it a

Also, are you still using SAFE messages? You might want to try and use
AGREED and you should notice a performance difference. SAFE messages
are only useful when you want to have particularly strong guarantees
in the presence of partitions (when you want your applications to be
certain that the other daemons, even if now disconnected, have
received that message). Only a few applications require this guarantee.


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