[Spread-users] Spread usage scenario for sending data

Mayne, Peter PeterMayne at ap.spherion.com
Tue Apr 27 20:08:46 EDT 2004

> From: Ryan Caudy

> >(Ignore possible 
> > conflicts for the purposes of this explanation.)
> >
> Maybe you have some sort of special data semantics, like commutative 
> updates... otherwise, the amount of complexity being ignored 
> is fairly 
> significant.

Agreed, but it's not a problem that Spread addresses. Since I'm asking about
Spread, I ignored extraneous detail, however complex.

> Reliable for Spread means the same thing as reliable for 
> other network 
> protocols... if a message (UDP) is lost, it will be resent 
> until it does 
> arrive.


> You haven't really discussed your network architecture, but 
> Spread isn't 
> really designed to help centralized client/server systems, 
> assuming you 
> have a good, switched network.   For you, (unless you need higher 
> service types than FIFO) all you gain over TCP is ease of 
> implementation, which may not help if you have trouble 
> learning to use 
> Spread.  Spread's design would show more of its potential in a system 
> with multiple databases acting as peers, rather than this 1 
> master/many 
> slaves design.

So Spread isn't a good fit for this problem. Thanks for the explanation.

It would be helpful for future researchers if the Spread documentation
defined "reliability" in the Spread context. The documentation says that
Spread is reliable, but doesn't actually say what that means, which is why I
had to ask the list.

Thanks again for your response.

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