[Spread-users] Membership algorithm--continued

kevin Tian kevin_tian9844 at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 18 23:05:32 EDT 2004

Thank you, Ryan
> F_members refers to the list of "future members." 
Future members in its segment, or total members except
reps in the formed ring? 
I only see the code Insert_member(&F_members...) in
alive message handler.
But in Create_form1, there is note /* Remove from
F_members any members that are also in OUR F_reps
(except myself). */,
What does it mean? 
And What's the usage of rep_index field of struct
And for the global variable Commit_set, only My is
but in Create_form1, 
/* skipping self, because already there */
if( Commit_set.members[i] == My.id ) continue;
Then we insert nothing?

Could you, if possible, give a detailed description of
form token handling?

I also noted that the message exchange between daemons
uses unreliable UDP, e.g., when a daemon sends join
message, it uses Net_ucast and Net_scast. If
occasional lost (not a link failure) leads to a daemon
not receive the join message(in the extreme, all join
messages to it are lost), then the reps collection
will exclude the daemon. How is the case handled?

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