[Spread-users] "Spread hanging in logging application" redux?

Jack Repenning jrepenning at collab.net
Wed Apr 14 20:58:31 EDT 2004

Just about two years ago:


... there was a discussion in this list about a Spread hang that could 
arise under certain conditions of membership or network instability.  
At that time, Yair seemed to be on the trail of an enhancement to 
repair communications after such an event, but didn't think it 
appropriate to include in the then-current release (3.16.2).  Something 
about "to have on the token another field that will report the id of 
the daemon that set the ARU and caused it to go down."  Did such a 
change make it into 3.17?  I grubbed the release notes and other email 
archives assiduously, but couldn't confirm (or deny) it.

Reason I ask: one of our sites just ran into something (once, 
non-reproducible at this point) that looks rather same-ish, running 
Spread 3.17.1.  If the fix actually did make it into 3.17, then I'm 
obviously smokin' something.  If it didn't ... can I help it along?

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