[Spread-users] Membership algorithm

Ryan Caudy caudy at jhu.edu
Mon Apr 12 22:21:47 EDT 2004

Here are brief answers to your questions.  If I miss something, I'm sure 
Yair or Jonathan can fill it in.  If these cause more questions, feel 
free to follow-up.

The SEG state is a state in which a daemon tries to find other members 
of its segment, after the current membership has been lost.  REPRESENTED 
is for the daemons that don't go to GATHER, i.e. those that are 
represented by another daemon in their segment.

A POTENTIAL_REP is just that... the potential representative of another 
segment, someone to contact when looking for representatives of other 
segments.  SEG_REP is the representative of a segment, RING_REP is the 
representative of a whole Spread network.  A conf leader is the leader 
that will become a RING_REP... he is first in the membership as defined 
by the configuration file.  Seg leader is similar, but for a segment.


kevin Tian wrote:

> Hi,
> Is there anyone who's interested in the detail of
> membership implementation?
> I've read related chapters of Amir's PhD thesis.
> What's the purpose of the state SEG and REPRESENTED?
> I am confused by some terms, such as
> POTENTIAL_REP,SEG_REP,RING_REP, conf leader, seg
> leader.
> Thanks.
> Kevin
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