[Spread-users] maximum number of spread segments

G. Naik gnaik at minerva.ece.drexel.edu
Tue Apr 6 13:28:16 EDT 2004

On Apr 6, 2004, at 12:04 PM, Ryan Caudy wrote:

> <snip>

> So, the answer to whether or not you'll have performance problems is 
> that it depends on your network topology and message load.  On a fast 
> switched LAN, you might do fine with a large number of small segments, 
> if you don't need to send a lot of messages.

I should have added that I'm using spread on a 802.11b ad-hoc network.  
I haven't had any problems with up to 20 segments, but my recent test 
with 25 segments has given me serious performance issues.  This 
discussion may be moot, as I am going try a multicast routing protocol 
and configure spread to use multicast.


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