[Spread-users] linking with multithreaded-dll

Roland Holm roland.holm at phenomatics.com
Fri Apr 2 10:10:13 EST 2004

That's what I tried (I am using VC++ .NET)
Anyway, something doesn't seem to work. I still get unresolved symbols in 
my app - seems like winsock-functions.
Interstingly the resulting lib is only half the size of what comes with the 
binary distribution of spread.
However, it does work with multithreaded code generation (no dll) - but I 
cannot use that for other reasons.


At 16:43 02.04.2004, you wrote:
>Roland Holm wrote:
>>I'd like to use spread as part of a win32 application which is built
>>using multithreaded-dll code generation. I was not able to make a 
>>suitable spread library
>>which links to this application.
>>How do I build a spread lib that links with such applications?
>I only know how to do this in Visual Studio .NET.  Change the target type 
>of the project to DLL-Multithreaded.  Explicitly add the \D_REENRANT flag 
>to the preprocessot flags.  Then create an exports file to export all the 
>needed API and build.
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