[Spread-users] spuser doesn't run with multiple daemons

Ryan Caudy caudy at jhu.edu
Wed Sep 24 18:19:07 EDT 2003

You didn't really answer the questions we asked you, about what commands 
you're running, what you're network looks like, and what the broadcast 
address is supposed to be for the subnet your machines are on.  Did you 
try a multicast address?

Your configuration seems fine, except for the fact that you repeated the 
segment declaration (although I would expect the way you did it to not 
keep Spread from working).  Below is what you intended to have, I think.

#	Adapt06
DebugFlags = { PRINT }
DangerousMonitor = false

If you replace the DebugFlags line, and add an EvenLogFile line, as 
shown below, you can generate output that might help in debugging.

EventLogFile = %h.out


Sergio S wrote:

> Exactly my problem, is this:
> I have four machines with adresses:
>                  Adapt05
>                  Adapt06
>                  Adapt07
>                  Adapt08
> and i don't know how to configure the file "sample.spread.conf" well. If 
> you could tell me exactly what to put in that file you make me an 
> enormous favour.
> My configuration file now is the file attached if you want to take a 
> look and it doesn't go well.  Could you modify it to go well?
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Ryan W. Caudy
Center for Networking and Distributed Systems
Department of Computer Science
Johns Hopkins University

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