[Spread-users] Request/response Java API

Ben Bernhard ben.bernhard at reference-info.com
Tue Sep 2 10:03:23 EDT 2003

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> From: Ben Bernhard [mailto:ben.bernhard at reference-info.com]
> Hi all,
> We might divide the problem into a few parts:
> - Marshalling/unmarshalling the Java request/response into/from a wire
> format.
> - Synchronous blocking for a response and request/response correlation
> - Server-side implementation registration and the associated
> code.

More details:
It's important to be able to send a request to one specific server and
get one response back. Two variants would also be useful: 
- Send the same request to a group of servers and expect one response
from each (correlated with the request sent to that server). Each
request/response pair would be blocking, but the client could
send/receive the many paired communications in parallel. In other words,
it is not necessary to receive all the responses at once or even in any
- Send the same request to a group of servers and receive only the first

It's easy to get carried away with requirements. For example, it would
be nice to distinguish between two timeout scenarios: the request takes
too long to reach the server OR the server receives the request, but
takes too long to form a response.

For now, pointers to anything available are a help!

Thanks again,

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