[Spread-users] Initial implementation of XMLRPC over Spread

gian paolo ciceri gp.ciceri at acm.org
Thu Oct 16 01:56:32 EDT 2003

Daniel Rall wrote:
> Very nice.  How hard would it be to plug in YAML <http://www.yaml.org/> 
> message payloads in place of XML-RPC?  There are Python bindings for 
> that, too.
> - Dan

Hello Dan,
thanks for the feedback.

It should be a matter of overriding SpreadProxy.__request
and refactor SpreadTransport.wait_response to split out
the decoding logic (perhaps it will be better to put all
the message encoding/decoding stuff in a third, helper class
and subclass from this).

In this manner you should have a mechanism rather message-encoding
(XMLRPC, YAML, ???) agnostic; but since 0.3 I've added a
message checksum, embedded in an XML fragment like this
<requestChecksum>(sha code)</requestChecksum> at the end of the
XMLRPC message, so perhaps the best overall approach is still
to embed the YAML message in some sort of XML envelope,
to take advantage of metadata like <requestChcksum>.

Any comment will be appreciated, as usual.

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