[Spread-users] round-robin messaging

Ross Williamson ross.williamson at abilisk.com
Wed Oct 15 02:47:45 EDT 2003

 From my understanding the core spread libraries wont do this.  However 
i am currently writing a perl based collective manager supporting
+ hotstandby (where only 1 of N workers is active at any time)
+ roundrobin
+ loadbalanced (by feedback from worker in the status messages)

Currently i have hotstandby working nicely with collective membership 
and re-alignment working fine.  There is also timeout and dead worker 
handling.  Eventually the goal is to have either (or both) of the 
following load handling capabilities.
1) Each worker can have a queue of N messages to handle
2) The submitter must be part of the group and then only injects M 
messages where M is the number of active workers

Im also currently working on code to allow the collective to 
re-distribute the messages that were queued for a worker that has died 
(or been forced to leave the collective)

And BTW this is all in perl currently... and so far it works like a 
charm.  One of my other goals is to also allow the job selection code to 
be used in reverse.  Instead of the question "should i work on this 
job", a client application can ask "can i generate a job".  Ie to make 
sure that only 1 submitter is active at a time (specifically for 
hotstandby submissions cases where you have a locked resource.)

Im not sure when this will be ready for exposure to the rest of the 
world as the code is quite messy atm only been working on it for 2 days.

Hope that all helps.


Joseph Bruni wrote:

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> I've been looking at the documentation and digging through the message 
> archives but cannot seem to find an answer.
> Is it possible to do round-robin messaging to members of a group? That 
> is, can I send a message to a group, but allow only one member (the 
> next available) to receive it?
> The idea is to distribute database queries across multiple processes, 
> but only allow a given database task to be performed once.
> From the documentation, I get the impression that all members of a 
> group will receive all messages, which is not quite same processing 
> model.
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