[Spread-users] Starting trouble

Vijay Kumar kumar__v at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 10 20:33:20 EDT 2003


  We are trying to use spread to create a fault tolerant virtual stock 
exchange system, but looks like we hit the road block pretty early.  We 
donwload the 3.17.1 binary version and tried running it on a LAN.  The 
platform was WinXP.  Shown below is the part of the config file which we 

Spread_Segment {
	user1		128.yy.xx.201
	user2		128.yy.xx.39
	user3		128.yy.xx.106

  We ran the spread deamon on all 3 machines with the same config file and 
then ran 'sptuser.exe' to test the initial setup by sending messages to each 
other.  The system works as long as there are 2 users, but stops working 
when the third user joins.  In short nobody is able to receive any message.

  Are we missing something here?  Is spread configured to run only with 2 

Vijay Kumar.

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