[Spread-users] Request/response Java API

Daniel L. Rall dlr at finemaltcoding.com
Sun Oct 5 19:32:24 EDT 2003

Ben Bernhard wrote:
> We might divide the problem into a few parts:
> - Marshalling/unmarshalling the Java request/response into/from a wire
> format.

I've been interested doing this for some time now, and like SOAP with a gzip 
content encoding for implementation.  SOAP messages are bloddy bloated, so I 
see compression (which will be extremely effective given the redundancies in 
the XML message formatting) at a must have.

> - Synchronous blocking for a response and request/response correlation

Hooking in a servlet engine (e.g. Catalina from the ASF's Tomcat) gives you 
this for free.

> - Server-side implementation registration and the associated dispatching
> code.

I take it that this piece sits between SOAP and the servlet engine?  Each 
dispatcher could even be implemented as a pure servlet, but something less 
implementation platform specific might be more desirable.  For instance, I 
might like to write my dispatchers in Python.

> I don't need distributed objects, just remote method calls. That means I
> don't need object references, instance registration/lookup, or garbage
> collection.
> Preferably, the implementation would not be Java specific. In other
> words, the wire format should be something a c++ application could parse
> (not serialized objects for example).

For sure!  Which is why SOAP strikes me as a good implementation tool.

> It certainly looks like I can implement my needs over Spread. I'm aware
> of partial solutions I could start with (SOAP for marshalling, etc), but
> if somebody has a complete Spread implementation at hand, it would save
> me some time. 

I'm not aware of any packages which meet all your criteria, but am soon going 
to need one myself.  Ben, are you planning on pursuing implementation of these 

- Dan

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