[Spread-users] Retransmission and Connection Problems

Yair Amir yairamir at cnds.jhu.edu
Sat Oct 4 21:57:45 EDT 2003


Regularly, DangerousMonitor is better set to 'false'. Even when set to
'false', monitor should still work in terms of monitoring the network
(but not in terms of making on-the-fly changes to its connectivity).

There is no need to set it to 'true' unless you want to experiment
with partitions/merges or experiment with flow control parameters on
the fly. Therefore, I think that DangerousMonitor should not be set
to 'true' in production environments.  (after all it is 'Dangerous' ;)


   :) Yair
Ryan> When you sent your configuration before, it said that you had
Ryan> 'DangerousMonitor' set to 'false' (the default).  Set it to 'true', and 
Ryan> the monitor should work fine.

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