[Spread-users] Retransmission and Connection Problems

Jeremy McDermond mcdermj at peak.org
Thu Oct 2 18:29:30 EDT 2003

I feel kinda like an idiot, but I've been fighting these problems for a 
few days now, and feel like I'm at the end of my rope.  I am attempting 
to use spread for apache logging using mod_log_spread and spreadlogd.  
I have 3 machines in the spread ring, two webservers, and a log server. 
  My spread.conf on all 3 machines looks like:

DebugFlags = { PRINT EXIT }
EventLogFile = /var/log/spread.log
DangerousMonitor = false
SocketPortReuse = AUTO
RuntimeDir = /var/run/spread
DaemonUser = spread
DaemonGroup = spread

RequiredAuthMethods = "NULL"
AllowedAuthMethods = "NULL"

#Set the current access control policy.
# This is only needed if you want to establish a customized policy.
# The default policy is to allow any actions by authenticated clients.
AccessControlPolicy = "PERMIT"

Spread_Segment {

There's an extra machine in there that we use for test log catching 
every once in a while, but I'm not putting it in the ring right now.  
The first issue I have is that the apache servers seem to not be able 
to contact their local spread daemon on a UNIX socket.  I get 
"connection refused" errors in the error log:

Thu Oct  2 22:16:53 2003] [error] (61)Connection refused: Could not 
connect to spread 3333 with private_name ap15031. Error -2

The socket (/tmp/3333) seems to be there and available, and I can 
connect with 'spuser -r -s 3333' to the ring.

The second issue is that, on the off chance I can get apache to 
connect, I get tons of retransmissions on the ring as measured using 
spmonitor.  It also seems to impact the timely delivery of the log 
records to the log writers.  Even with a completely idle ring, I'm 
seeing retransmissions of 601, when there's 258 sent packets:

Status at b.www.peak.org V 3.17. 1 (state 1, gstate 1) after 830 
seconds :
Membership  :  3  procs in 1 segments, leader is 167903229
rounds   :  327621      tok_hurry :     714     memb change:       3
sent pack:     260      recv pack :     346     retrans    :     609
u retrans:     268      s retrans :     341     b retrans  :       0
My_aru   :     612      Aru       :     612     Highest seq:     612
Sessions :      68      Groups    :       0     Window     :      60
Deliver M:     616      Deliver Pk:     621     Pers Window:      15
Delta Mes:       7      Delta Pack:       0     Delta sec  :     114

I'm kinda at the end of my rope, I've checked the archives of this 
list, and haven't found anything really useful.  I'm running FreeBSD 
5.1R on Intel Xeon procs.  Anyone have any ideas?

Jeremy C. McDermond                                                     
   mcdermj at peak.org
Lead Engineer
Peak Internet, LLC                                                      
                 (541) 738-4921

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