[Spread-users] newbie question - automatic daemon failover (?).

Ophir Bleiberg ophir at personeta.com
Sun Nov 23 12:45:33 EST 2003

	I'm currently examining tools for our product that can provide me
with efficient, reliable, total-ordering delivery of messages for the
implementation of a distributed data-store.  
After being impressed with the apparent performance, I am concerend about
fault tolerance - I could see no mention of daemon failover in the
documentation, but this must be supported somehow, right?
	When running two (Java) clients on a single group, I have them both
connect to a single daemon out of 2 running in my configuration.  When
taking down the daemon they have connected to, I receive a:

        spread.SpreadException: write(): java.net.SocketException: Broken
        at spread.SpreadConnection.multicast(SpreadConnection.java:1886)

	and the messages, naturally, do not get delivered.  It seems
pointless to develop redundant applications over spread if the daemons
themselves are a single point of failure, so this is probably taken care of.
Could you give some idea of what I should do?



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