[Spread-users] Spread protocol architecture limitation?

김혁래 hr2057.kim at samsung.com
Tue Nov 18 03:06:48 EST 2003

My name is H.R.Kim from south korea.
Nice to meet you all who love spread like me.

I have urgent question about spread limitation.
First, see the below spread user guide chapter '1.2.3 Modularity of Spread architecture'.

The first is called the Ring protocol and it provides high throughput 
when used on a low latency local area network of no more then about 30 daemons.
....                                                          ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Now here is my question.
The number '30' has any special meaning?
If I have more than '30' daemons, is there any serious performance degration?
Somebody tell me about this.

Thank you anyway.

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