[Spread-users] Problem with segement in spread

Jonathan Stanton jonathan at cnds.jhu.edu
Sun Nov 16 19:04:39 EST 2003

Just one specific response. 

On Sun, Nov 16, 2003 at 02:06:48PM -0500, Akezyt Janedittakarn wrote:
> == More responses/questions
> I have to run daemon on S4 because I have to send message from that node.
> However, I don't want messages destined to 'servers' group to go to this
> daemon.

Unless I'm missing the setup, in both versions of spread if you just have 
a single client on S4 but no "servers" in your application the way you 
want to use Spread is to NOT runa  daemon on s4, but just runon s1, s2 and 
then run the client program on S4 and connect to a daemon running on s1 or 
s2. That way the s4 network/machine will only see the messages that are 
required for it and the server traffic will be isolated to s1 and s2. 

The main reason to run daemons on s4 (and other hosts on separate subnets) 
is if there are multiple clients 'receiving' the same messages in the same 
groups. Then the daemon acts as an aggregator ofr all of the clients and 
uses multicast to share the messages to all of the client machines instead 
of sending a copy to each over TCP. 


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