[Spread-users] Spread performance test - need advice

calicatel calicatel at maxis.net.my
Sun Nov 2 06:17:27 EST 2003


I'm a student currently finishing up my masters project. I've already develop some groupware tools that utilize spread as the means to send and receive packets. I need some advice from you experts out there, How do i show some statistical results for my system. I'm required to do some comparison with broadcast performance. i want to show that by using spread as a comparison. Can you please advice me on what kind of testing that i can do to show the comparison and what kind of results that i need to look at. What are the tools out there that i can use to do this testing. Is there any site i can refer that already has some result of such testing done before. The test can be of performance related to networking. Please do advice me. Thanks.



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